About Pinky Brand Photography

Our family darkroom, circa 1976.

In Beijing, 2016.

At Santa Elena Canyon, 2015.

Pinky Brand produces fine art photography 

to enhance your residential, commercial or hospitality space.

Archival quality. Expertly framed. Delivered direct. 

I learned photography by trial and error, and I'm still learning. 

In junior high I spent most days after school in a slightly larger than phone-booth sized darkroom that my father built, dealing with all those smelly Kodak and Ilford photo chemicals and a totally analog process. 

Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, I became a professional television news photographer, editor, and live field producer at Channel 24 KVUE-TV ABC ‘Action News’ in Austin, Texas.

After eight wonderful years in the TV news business, I moved on to entrepreneurial ventures, spending much of the past 21 years heavily involved in the Internet domain name industry, while constantly taking pictures.

Being in the domain name industry has afforded me the lucky privilege of being able to travel extensively (57 countries and counting!) and experience the many wonders that our world offers. I have never let up shooting when on the road, and now I'm ready to share much of my content library.

No matter the landscape, object or subject, I’m always imagining a mood I want to capture, and how I want it to appear in final form, before I snap the shutter on my camera.

I thank you for visiting my web site and online store. I hope you enjoy the photos. And I hope you purchase a photograph or tow that enhances your residence, commercial or business space. :-) 

Work with Me

Are you looking for something special and customized? Do you have an upcoming installation project? I'd love to collaborate with you. 

Get in touch using my contact form to start the discussion. Or call me. Thank you.

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