Materials, Shipping & Care

All items are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

UNFRAMED Print Specifications

My UNFRAMED Fine Art Paper prints are made to museum quality standards and allow you to choose your own mount and frame options via your local fine art framing retailer.

  • Printed on 100-Years Certified Archival velvet Fine Art Paper
  • 100% cotton fiber. Acid & lignin free.
  • Lightly textured finish | 19 mil thickness | 310 gsm weight
  • Unless otherwise specified, all print size options are the actual paper dimensions and contain a 1 inch (2.54 cm) white border to allow for mounting and framing.
  • Watermarks are removed.
  • Final printed colors may differ slightly from your digital screen example due to the display technology and color management of your device.

FRAMED Print Specifications

  • As specified for the specific image in my Store.
  • Typically they are printed using Premium 255gsm vibrant luster fine art paper; or Archival-grade ink on premium semi-matte paper.
  • Watermarks are removed.
  • Final printed colors may differ slightly from your digital screen example due to the display technology and color management of your device.

Framing & Matting

Available on any image. You may note that some images in my Store are available completely framed and matted as shown. They are ready to hang upon delivery. 

You can also frame most of my images yourself. Most of my unframed paper prints are produced in sizes that are easy to frame and mount on your own, or via your local fine art mounting & framing retailer.

If you'd like framing and matting services for an image that does not specifically indicate a framing option, please contact me.

Otherwise, here is information for my prints that are shown in my Store with a framing option:

Metal Frames

All my frame styles marked Metal are made out of aluminum through a process called "extrusion". First, an aluminum billet (basically an aluminum log) is heated to almost a thousand degrees and forced through a die shaped like the style being created. The newly extruded aluminum is then placed on a "stretcher" where all straightness imperfections are removed. Finally, the aluminum is either anodized or powder coated, converting the surface of the material into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. These frame rails are extremely rigid and high-quality. They are beautiful and ready-to-hang upon arrival at your door. 

Wood Frames

As specified for the specific image in my Store.

Acrylic Covers

I utilize ACRYLITE® Clear Acrylic for my Metal frame prints. Your framed print will arrive with a protective plastic film cover on both sides of the acrylic. It's easy to remove with your fingers. The acrylic I use is crystal clear, and offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing at half the weight of glass and many times the impact resistance. Additionally, it blocks some ultraviolet light. It is the preferred material for larger framed art and provides the safety warranted in high traffic areas. It's ideal for museums, galleries, your business or home.


All prints, unless specified in the product description, are carefully packaged and shipped either in a secure tube, flat package or wood crating, and sent via trackable courier. Inquire if you require alternate packaging or shipping arrangements. 

Please allow approximately 15 business days for standard domestic USA delivery, and about 20 days outside the USA.  Pease contact me if you require expedited shipping or have special logistics needs.


Unframed Prints: 

I recommend using white cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints on fine art paper prints. To avoid creases, always lift unmounted prints by opposite corners, letting it slightly bow or sag.

Framed Prints with Acrylic Covers:  

Dust only with a soft, damp cloth or chamois. Dry or gritty cloths, crumpled up paper towels, newsprint may cause surface scratches. Do not use them. In addition, plastic cleaner must be used to clean acrylic. Do not ever use glass or kitchen cleaner.

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