Street shot of older Chinese man in Mao-era suit with cigarette hanging out of his mouth and bamboo in background. Man in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Smoker [China-2007]

Close up of two bedouin Moroccan men against bright white background of dusk light sky. Morocco people.

Bedouin [Morocco-2006]

Hipster gentleman with long silver hair and wool/felt hat and vest against bright wall in Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Plaza Dorrego Dude  [Argentina-2010]

A raw Cairo Egypt street scene of a man in traditional dress holding greens appearing to be waiting for someone or something.

Cairo rmT  [Egypt-2008]

A young woman and two young men bask in the summer sun with their wine, spirits and cigarettes at a typical Parisian sidewalk cafe.

To be young and in Paris. [Paris-2008]

Contact [The Great Pyramids, Egypt-2008]

Surprise! [Fuerteventura, Canary Islands-2013]

Woman looking at cowboy cutouts placed on wall against building in hot sun of Llano, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin.

Llano Look [Texas-2017] Backstory

Dragonfly Daze [Texas-2015]

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