Street shot of older Chinese man in Mao-era suit with cigarette hanging out of his mouth and bamboo in background. Man in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Smoker [China-2007]

Close up of two bedouin Moroccan men against bright white background of dusk light sky. Morocco people.

Bedouin [Morocco-2006]

Hipster gentleman with long silver hair and wool/felt hat and vest against bright wall in Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Plaza Dorrego Dude  [Argentina-2010]

A raw Cairo Egypt street scene of a man in traditional dress holding greens appearing to be waiting for someone or something.

Cairo rmT  [Egypt-2008]

A young woman and two young men bask in the summer sun with their wine, spirits and cigarettes at a typical Parisian sidewalk cafe.

To be young and in Paris. [Paris-2008]

Multiple groups of tourists at the Great Pyramids using their hands to form an optical illusion of them appearing to hold each pyramid.

Contact [The Great Pyramids, Egypt-2008]

A woman who knows that a giant wave might hit her from behind as she has her photo taken on a beach in Fuerteventura.

Surprise! [Fuerteventura, Canary Islands-2013]

Woman looking at cowboy cutouts placed on wall against building in hot sun of Llano, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin.

Llano Look [Texas-2017] Backstory

A woman appears to form a dragonfly shadow image beneath her as she floats face down in a pool on a hot day in Texas.

Dragonfly Daze [Texas-2015]

Two women proudly standing on the border between the United States and Mexico in the Rio Grande River at Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park.

Queens of the Wilderness [Texas-2016]

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