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Happy hour affected imagery.

Some of these images are framed and available at my online store and at  2 MOONS Art Loft.

Illusionary Jewel [Austin, Texas]

Comfortably Trippy [Comfort, Texas] 

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Trippin' in the Light Fantastic [Macau] Related Blog Post

BB-64 [Norfolk, Virginia]

Light/Water/Texture [Austin, Texas]

Keeping Austin Weird  [Austin,Texas] 

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Color-spun [Comfort, Texas] 

Cask [Cork, Ireland]

The Haight [San Francisco, California]

Crepe Myrtle Flowers [Austin, Texas]

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FRA Drops [Germany]  Backstory

Boiling [Austin, Texas]

Trippy Sand Forms [Canary Islands]

Thorny [Austin, Texas]

Spider Freak Out [Austin, Texas]

Corralejo Boats [Canary Islands] 

Murano [Italy]  

Localstix [China] 

Statesman Branches [Austin, Texas]

Big Sur Light [California]

Trippy Bike [Beijing, China] 

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RR Mural [Austin, TX]

Barra de Ensueño [Argentina]

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Glass [Murano, Italy]

Mushrooms [Austin, Texas]

Bird Power [Austin, Texas]

Strata [Big Bend National Park, Texas]

Triple Drip [Austin, Texas]  Related Blog Post

Trees from my Taxi [Beijing, China]

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Coke Guy [Cairo, Egypt]

Bricks in the Wall [Smithville, Texas]

Medina Alleyway [Marrakesh, Morocco]

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Breaktime View [Hye, Texas]

Happy Hour View [Macau]

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Water Street Cafe [Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada]

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